Plant some seeds, Plant some hope

spring flowers

Spring, oh Spring, where are you? 
We've just come through the coldest and snowiest winter on record, the worst in 25 years. 

Spring officially arrives on the calender this Friday. But you wouldn't know it outside with 3 feet of snow and ice piled up in my yard. It's depressing. 

There's nothing to lift the winter-weary spirits like planting some seeds. My grow lights are shining down on several trays of carefully planted seeds...these precious little seeds of hope. Flowers and vegetables that my family and I will enjoy at some future date, in the not too distant future. 

Take heart, Spring will come.  

Until next time...
Joyce at JeMs

Your Work-Life Balance

work life balanceHow's your work-life balance? 
First off, what is it and why is it so important?

Wikipedia explains it this way: "Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) and "lifestyle" (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation)."

Personal ambition and drive may get you higher in the workplace and ratings with your boss, but the trade off is you miss out on personal time and family life.  A proper balance between your work and private life is important for your health and happiness. Studies show that if you take a break from work on the weekend or a holiday, your brain has a chance to rest and recharge, and you'll be more effective and able to accomplish more when you do go back to work.

But technology has blurred the edges between work and home, we can now take work home on a USB drive, or email a project to ourselves to work on at home. We can pick up messages and answer emails 24-7. We no longer need to be in the office in order to work effectively.

Telecommuting, or working at least some hours from home, is more popular than ever with employees and progressive thinking employers.  It gives people more control over their work and home balance, they can work the same number of hours, but adjust when they work those hours to suit their personal lives.  Parents of young children particularly like the flexibility of telecommuting.  Employers find it costs them less in employee sick days and lost time, less in overhead costs and they have happier, more productive employees. It's a win-win.

But whether you're able to telecommute for your job, or not, you need to keep a balance between your work life and your home life.

Until next time,
Joyce at JeMs

Do You Panic When You Have To Take Minutes?

recording penDo you panic when you have to take minutes at meetings or notes at long lectures? 

This amazing new techie tool can help! Go to my page Tips & Free Stuff to see this incredible easy to use technology in action! 

Remember, if you are recording at meetings, be sure to ask for permission first.

Until next time...
Joyce at JeMs

Imagine This

internet social mediaImagine this....You're sitting in your office mulling over strategies on how to build your business. Sales are slumping, phones aren't ringing and no one has looked at your website in the last month. Sound depressingly familiar? You know there has to be a better way. 

So what's the secret to successful marketing in business today? You need effective Networking and Internet Marketing Strategies in place. Get out there and meet new people in your local community. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Talk to other business owners and professional people. Join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and post, tweet or comment regularly. Follow others you admire on social media, and retweet or share their posts, videos or articles on your own page. Post articles on E-zine, and videos on YouTube. 

The people you meet start to visit your website. Interest is building. People are talking about you (that's a good thing!) Search engines such as Google like that, and your site ranking jumps to the second or even front search results page. Life is good. 

All of a sudden, there's a hubbub of activity on your website. Your inbox is full and the phone is ringing non-stop. You've dramatically extended the reach of your business marketing. It can happen fairly quickly. You've reached a whole new clientele, your email lists are growing daily and your profit margins are rising substantially.

So imagine smiling. Life IS good. 

Until next time...

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