"Statistics show that 96% of people in North America look for businesses on the web or in social media.
When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt. 
~ Henry J Kaiser
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 Internet Marketing

E-Marketing Strategies
Why YOU need one..... 

If you have something to 

sell to others, 

you need 

Internet Marketing.

Successful Entrepreneurs

know the




is having an

Effective Online Marketing Strategy

and GREAT content! 

The internet has leveled

the playing field

for marketing

Small businesses can now 

compete with the 

giant million-dollar brands,


  • Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing are one of the best ROI (return on investments) that a business can invest in, returning on average $10 - $50 for every $1 spent.  

  • Consumers today are savvy internet shoppers; statistics show that 96% look up businesses online, comparison shop and purchase, and ask friends who they would recommend. 

  • It's no longer enough to have a mediocre website presence or to simply be on social media and not engage...even if you have the WORLD'S GREATEST PRODUCT!    If people don't know about you, or can't find you, that great product will simply collect dust on your shelf. 
Know Your Target Market
Target marketing means focusing on how to attract your ideal client. 

Who are your "target market" clients? If asked, most entrepreneurs will say they want to sell to everyone. They are afraid to market only to a select target group, it might eliminate other potential clients who don't fit the profile. But the reality is, your ideal clients are people who are looking for the products and services that you are selling. It's not everyone who will buy from you. By focusing your marketing towards your ideal target market, your business will grow. 

How do you find these ideal clients?  In order to find them, you will need to know more about them. Who are they? What websites are they visiting most often? Are they addicted to social media, glued to their smartphone apps or entertainment media on their tablets? How much time do they spend browsing the web or constantly checking email? Your city hall and local library can help with demographics. To find online preferences, you'll have to research there, using search engines, conduct surveys, interviews, and spend time in social media and focus groups. 

Once you have established who your ideal client is, you will be able to focus your attention and the majority of your advertising budget towards reaching your target market where they hang out. When your business connects with your ideal audience, you will learn what they are looking for, resulting in better communication, improved service and even more clients.